How Is Feminism Reflected in Literature?

The written word has always been a tool for spreading awareness into the masses. Documenting human history and struggle in literature has led towards civilization’s improvement from the mistakes of their ancestors and developing ways of escaping said struggles (Mark, 2009). One of those struggles has been the fight for equal rights for women, or feminism.

Feminism has been widely misunderstood throughout history and still is to this date because that’s what happens when systematic oppression is questioned or challenged (Lorenzo, 2014). Fighting the feminist fight wasn’t just through protests by and large but also through literature making people question their ways either through autobiographies of women’s daily struggles or fictional work depicting the sad reality of the world with non-existent but very real characters.

This reflection of feminism in literature followed the waves of feminism happening in society during the time. During the more recent waves of feminism, in works of Mary Ellman (1968) and Kate Millet (1969) during the late 1960′s the marginalisation of women and demeaning treatment were depicted but it wasn’t just female novelists who questioned the system, but also by turning books into movies, like Taming of the Shrew (1969) of great author Shakespeare, which centred around the abuse suffered by his female character Katherina, another sad depiction of reality.

During the late 1970′s, multiple aspects in literature were explored, such as Elaine Showalter’s A Literature of Their Own (1977) reflected the different phases of gynocentrism while on the other hand The Mad Woman trope was being depicted and questioned in Charlotte Bronte’s legendary Jane Eyre since the 80′s. While male writers dominated the industry by and large, writers like Virginia Woolf had always been able to squeeze through to fame since the 1920′s with their accurate depiction of women characters which has always been a key issue. During the 1990′s, nearing the millennium, a rise in female writers was seen (Howell, 2015) and appreciated for their portrayal of women characters with accuracy.

Even though the struggles of women have been recorded in literature since in 70′s (Rivera, 2020), women have their fellow feminists to thank for paving the way for women today all around the world. Without them they wouldn’t be here and reached the success their ancestors only dreamed of.


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Office Reservation System for Employers and Employees for Return to Work Post COVID19

If you are among the millions of employed people returning to the office or preparing to do so after months of lockdown, you may be worried it will put your family at risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

The dilemma may be lingering among the millions of Americans that experienced a tremendous reduction in their unemployment insurance benefits last July due to the expiration of the government subsidy of US$600 per week.

Transitioning Back to Work
Going back to the physical workplace comes with perceived perils and new kinds of pressures. Company managers may redesign office spaces, and workers may find a new office set up, practice the use of office reservation system, and come into work on alternate days using the desk scheduling system.

The crisis has altered the way employees work. Employers noticed increased productivity in some cases, perhaps due to how workers’ view on employment has changed because of the pandemic.

Safety Measures in the Office
Not everyone will be thrilled to go back to the office to work, but most working Americans have no luxury of choice because they need a source of income. Aside from the COVID preventive measures in place, one of the essential safety measures that employers need to do is providing paid sick leave to their employees; it is also an ethical imperative to do so. Failure to provide sick leave, especially if the company can afford it, will put their employees, families, and communities at risk.

At some point, employees will want to get back to the closest normal they can experience with having interactions with colleagues, and conversing with people face to face.

Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC recommends that everyone should wear face masks or coverings at all times, especially when around people who have unsure travel history and exposure. It also discourages public transportation and carpools.

When it comes to disease control and prevention in the workplace, the CDC recommends desk spacing at 2 meters apart, thermal scanning and mask detection system, symptom checker, and common areas in the office such as the pantry, cafeteria, and snack areas.

Advantages of Office Reservation Technology
A recent survey of 511 epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists revealed that even the health experts, themselves, feel anxious about returning to their workplaces, or getting back to the usual things they do like getting a haircut and traveling out of town.

Some people thrive working at home while others can be at their best productive selves when in the office. But experts all agree that working in a shared indoor space is the most dangerous thing to do during the pandemic.

Office Desk Hoteling and Sanitation
DeskFlex office booking software technology adapted the concerns of office safety and upgraded its desk and meeting room booking system to prevent the onset of infection in the workplace. It allows users to schedule their time working in the office and on what specific workstation. When the desk reservation ends, the system automatically alerts the sanitation team to disinfect the office space before allowing other users to book the space.

Contact Tracing and Space Management
DeskFlex office desk booking system also has Contact Tracing features that collaborate with Bluetooth beacons that allow employees to make office space reservation, check-in, and check out. The Bluetooth beacons regularly transmit signals from the employees’ mobile devices to track the places visited in the office.

DeskFlex hot desking software solutions allow employees to have flexible work arrangements so that company managers can optimize their office spaces and resources post COVID-19 era.

Epazz DeskFlex desk booking software and room scheduling system is helping small and large companies across the world in managing the number of employees returning to the office. DeskFlex’s track record shows its years of reliability and efficiency when it comes to hoteling spaces that allow employees to reserve office spaces, desks, conference rooms, or meeting rooms using room booking systems. The demand for the product is significantly rising with the addition of DeskFlex’s Social Distancing Software that helps in preventing COVID-19 infections in the workplace.

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